Vera & District Lions

Membership & Friendship

Vera and District Lions is part of Lions International
Vera and District Lions currently have 20 full members.

What does it require to be a member of the Lions?

All you need to do is speak with a member of the Lions and declare your interest. We will explain in full what the role involves, however here is a small idea of what joining the Lions entails.
Firstly, we will arrange to meet up and have an informal chat, possibly after the main Lions meeting so you can meet the team, or at one of our social events. If you chose, we could meet over a coffee.
As member you would be expected to attend our bi-monthly meetings, (personal commitments obviously come first.) The meetings are formal and there we discuss items such as welfare of the people we are helping or requests for assistance. We will discuss funding request, and new fundraising events, and social events. There may be discussion re policy changes if required. Basically, anything that is required to keep the club running.

We realised this is not for everyone so as of March 2020, we launched Friend of Vera Lions 

Friend of Vera Lions is new. In the past we have a great deal of support from members of the public who want to help the Lions in fundraising and other activities but cannot make the commitment, or are unsure if they want to commit, to become a member.

What does it take to become a Friend of the Lions?

Basically, contact us, we will provide you with the details and then you can sign up, as simple as that. It will cost you nothing and you will be supporting us in return.  It will help us in the knowledge we have supporters out there we can occasionally call upon to help us.
What do you get other than to help others in need, and a feeling of satisfaction?
You get the opportunity to make friends, meet and work with the Lions members . All we ask is you sign up, that way we cover you with or public liability insurance for events and fundraising we do. You get free entry to the events that you help out at. We will keep you updated as to what we are doing, who we are supporting, and anything you may wish to support us with. You will be part of our team and hopefully join us at social events, where we meet up for a drink or a meal, or occasionally a party. All this whilst having a great time helping others
If at any stage you felt you wanted to become a full member then the opportunity is always there, just by asking a member. All it takes is you attend three club meetings and help with a fundraising event, and get a sponsor. It’s not difficult we are a nice group of people.

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